Sunday, June 28, 2009

2. Have Total Gratitude For Life:

Without exception successful people all know what they have and how blessed they are to have it. How they show that and how they feel that is unique to them. Some say prayers, some write gratitude journals, some write poems and some paint, but they all send it out and express it daily. I met a man in Cuba once who talked to me about how his homeland was changing. For his country he was considered successful. He was a trained lawyer and spoke 4 languages fluently, but worked as a tour rep because that was all there was to do in Cuba. Most of his friends and family had fled the country to make better use of their qualifications elsewhere. He though had chosen to stay and essentially remain poor (on a set wage of $20 a month, it being a communist country) and when I asked him why he had done that he said that he could never go far from the ocean. He said that he knew where his heart was. He then told me about past times and how 40 years ago, when he was 10, he could write a poem of an evening and stroll into a bar the following day and sit and read it out to the drinkers in there. Imagine living he said in a country that so celebrates creativity and intelligence that you can share it in bar as a child. Cuba he said was rapidly changing, and a third world country still, but there was nowhere in the world more rich to him.

Know what you have and say thank you for it.

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