Wednesday, July 8, 2009

5. Master being present and living in the present moment

I haven’t heard one successful person say ‘when I have X in my life, my life will be okay.’ Life isn’t something in the future. Life is Now. And Life is okay Now. Even if you don’t think it is, it is, because there are blessings and balance and chances and choices everywhere. For things to be viewed as okay is not to say they are magical and always brilliant. It is just to accept them as they are. To accept them as they are is not to say you don’t want something different in the future. It just means you stop resisting life as it is and trying to change it and start living it instead. The more you affirm life and appreciate what you already have the more what you have will grow. You get what you focus on.

Trying is doing


Being is awakening.

When you start to accept life as it is, all that energy you were expending in resisting it, is released to serve you and you vibrate at a higher level. Successful people have goals and visualise a marvellous future, but they don’t live in them in. They let go of their goals whilst they work on the present moment as most people let go their reoccurring dreams when they wake in the morning and plod down to breakfast. Once again to use the analogy of the carpenter successful people put that tool in their mind down. If you hands are full with hammers and nails how can you ever pick up a drill too?

‘I can only ever do what is in front of me and that is it. If I focus fully on that it gets done to the best of my ability and so my future gets done to the best of my ability.’ (an MD from Auckland)

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