Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6. Master doing what you love and love what you do

Successful people follow their hearts and guts. The wisdom of the mind is something that gets used later. Because they follow – and trust – their hearts, opportunities and breaks have invariably come to them along the way. They don’t just intend and seek them - they get found by them. Success in this respect becomes a by-product of them doing what they love, just living their lives and embodying these 7 tenets on a daily basis.

The 25 year old business woman I met in Sydney fell into buying a business at 20. She was working for a company and an opportunity came up to get more involved and buy part of the business. She took it and over the years bought a few more bits, worked hard and before she knew it, she was very successful.

The Supermodel Stylist come shop owner I have mentioned in a previous blog post was doing a favour for a friend in dressing them up for a high school show when Fiorucci just happened to be sitting in the audience. Fiorucci liked what he saw and offered him the chance to fly to Milan. He did and a few years of mentorship later, we have a world leading stylist.

Rocky tells the fabulous story of how he met his publisher. Having found something he had to write about because he simply had to share the story to inspire and help others he wrote with little thought of what to do with it. He shared his story whilst walking his dog one day with a lady he saw who regularly walked her dog there too. She asked to see his manuscript. He showed it to her. She turned out to be the top literary agent in Australia and got him a publishing deal at one of the best publishing companies in Australia. Dog walking is clearly good for you.

Many of the successful people I have spoken to didn’t have formal training (though this is not to dismiss formal training). Instead by taking action, training and therefore success found them. Mentors appeared along the way (or as the old quote goes, ‘when the student is ready, the master will appear’).

I read something wonderful once in a book called ‘Fish Sticks’ that said if you can see your path stretching out in front of you, the only thing you can be certain of is it is not your path because your path appears the moment you actually step on it.

Successful people know they can take a leap of faith because life/God will stitch them wings only after they have jumped. They also know that it is better to jump that be pushed.

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